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CANx is an open standard protocol for building control, m2m, IoT and other remote control and measurement applications. It enables simple, low-cost devices to be networked together with high-end computers and/or to work as an autonomous system, whatever the communication media is. CANx is free and open – no usage, patent or other costs for its implementation and use.

CANx is based on the reliable and widely-used CAN FT media. It allows to manufacture low cost nodes that can work reliably, efficiently and can be trusted in their day-to-day operation. CANx is fully European technology including design, manufacturing, main components and assembly.


- Highly secure and encrypted communication between system elements (wired and wireless), web and cloud services
- CAN FT is the latest version of international standard ISO 11898-3:2006
- High bandwidth – 48K over CAN FT bus
- Most advanced wireless communication based on LoRa 433 modulation, the distance is up to 15 km.
- Any device with LoRa module can operate as repeater, receiver or transmitter
- CANx configurator is freely available from LM app store
- Co-existing with KNX and eliminates drawbacks of KNX (fieldbus speed, security, semantics and other) while leaving the same user-experience and compatibility
- ETS-friendly – import project files and enrich with semantics
- CANx can be used equally well in other environments other than CAN FT – IP networks, wireless etc
- Unified data types for full compatibility with other protocols
- CANx system can check device health and report errors automatically
- Probably the best price per channel on the market without compromise on technological or quality side
- CAN is time and harsh environment proven technology. It is a popular fieldbus system in space, automotive, aerospace and railway industries

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